Saturday, July 18, 2009

Rum + Beer + Vyvanse = Hangover

Had a pretty major hangover today, without drinking too much last night.

Went out with the guys last night, and figured the Vyvanse would be out of my system by 9PM, after taking it at 8:30AM. I had two rum and cokes at home while my buddy had a couple of beers. At the bar, I had three beers, then stayed up pretty late hanging out with everybody afterwards. Slept on my buddies couch on the other side of town at the end of the night.

I normally wouldn't get a hangover from that amount of alcohol, but had a big one today! I figured, oh it's just a little fatigue, came home to take a nap after lunch and took Vyvanse, figuring that if I took it and woke up about 30min later, I would be ready to get some studying done during the day. I laid down for the nap and slept for about 2hrs instead of 30min. The funny part is that my dreams were less random and more focused. Who woulda' thunk it? Maybe a lot of it is also from the lack of sleep this past week.

So now, I'm getting ready to have some dinner and a movie with the girlfriend tonight. Hopefully there isn't too much Vyvanse in my system to sleep tonight, after having taken it at noon.

Day 4:
Vyvanse (30mg):
Wake time: 9AM
Take pill: 12:00 noon
Onset: 2PM?
Peak: 5PM?
Offset: Hopefully before bed

Effects: worse hangover than usual

Activities: not much of anything, going to dinner and movie soon

Side effects: normal appetite, fatigue, small headache, all could be attributed from alcohol and lack of sleep

Overall: Feeling less fidgety than usual, and pretty focused, now that the hangover is going away

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