Thursday, July 30, 2009


I keep getting extremely tired about 6 hours after taking Vyvanse. The fatigue lasts for about 4 hours and my focus is even worse than in the morning, or just being tired alone. I think it's the effect of the drugs wearing off. After that, my body seems to rebound and wake up until late at night. The effect is similar drinking alcohol and then being more awake after it wears off, due to the body responding to too much serotonin. During the period the drug is wearing off, I'm extremely irritable, tired, and focus-less. Really considering switching to Adderall or Adderall XR generic. Kind of worried though because of all the negative feedback on the generic, although the generic is supposed to still be manufactured by Shire and identical. Who knows...

Anybody else get this with Vyvanse or Adderall / XR?


  1. Hi. I literally just found your blog because I googled "Vyvanse and tired". I'm having the exact same issues that you've listed lately. It wakes me up, leaves me kind of calm and stony for the day, and then I just want to nap in the afternoon. My mom thinks that underneath this I might be suffering from some form of adrenal burnout...maybe something to look into. Ethan

  2. okay so did you stop taking? because you stopped blogging....
    Mon, Aug. 18th was my first day on treatment. 30 mg at 7.30am. I am female, 37 yrs, 5'4 and 138 lbs I think you should consider these attributes in yourself in relation to your dosage. so this is day 4 for me and i'm indifferent about the effects thus far. although, I have been more on task and have slept well something i've been trying to overcome for a while. I used to be a nite owl and for some months now i can't manage to stay up long enough to finish my day. As a single mom of 3 with a 9-5 and a business on the side, 8-9 hrs of sleep is a luxury. still i was keen on pressing the snooze button for up to 1 1/2 hrs after the alarm went off! so i have been sleeping from about 12 am - 6 am rather comfortably i wake up alert and energized. the reason i found you is because i googled side effects and after hitting a few sites found you. you have some of the most recent feedback...except you gave up...i too am journaling my experience and perhaps can piggyback on your blog and put in my .02 cents. As for negatives, until now I have had a mild but lingering pressure headache in my forehead eyes and nasal area almost like a sinus headache, which is unusual for me. Also I have had a mildly suppressed appetite, this morning aside from that headache I am experiencing tension in my neck. I eat small frequent meals and drink one coffee a day and only 3-4 glasses of water. I apologize for the lengthy contribution...

  3. I agree a lot with what both of you said. I'm going to address that in a blog right now. It is surprising to hear feedback that is so similar to what I'm experiencing!

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